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The Process at JT Adjusters

  • If we knocked on your door, that means you are in a Hail zone area. Hail hits every year, but insurance companies only let you file a claim within a year of a major hail storm (However, we will use the accumulated damage of every year, and file it all into one claim.)

  • We will schedule a time for our professional inspectors (Free of charge) to visit your home to check for Hail damages, these services can be upwards toward $300-$500 for us. We would not be wasting our time or money if we did not believe there was a high chance for your approval.

  • Hail damage to your roof can be tricky to identify. If your eyes are not well-trained, it’s easy to overlook signs of hail damage. Leaving you with much potential leaking, and water damage + mold.

  • Our Public Adjusters will negotiate and fight for approval on your behalf with the Insurance Companies. If determined there is more than sufficient damage present, our Public Adjusters will file a claim (If there isn’t we won’t). They will coordinate with the Insurance Adjusters for another meeting to your home for a dual inspection to see if they will approve it.

  • Once approved, we will schedule another visit with you for a color meeting for your siding or roof! And there will be some wait time before repair/replacement work is being done! You will get an upgraded Architectural style roof that is double layered providing twice the protection as well as a shelf-life of up to 30+ Years.

  • Well what happens if it is denied? Don’t worry, we will file for the case to be re-opened and for the insurance company to send out a 2nd insurance adjuster for 2nd opinion so we can get it approved! If it gets denied again we will have them send out an engineer for a third try! We don’t give up!

  • This whole process can take from anywhere between 2 months (Average) to a year (worst case) based on many variables, Just Sit back, Relax, and wait for the good news!

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Free Professional Consultation, Damage Evaluation, Interior & Exterior, storm damages, locally owned and operated.

                    JT Public Adjusters, Inc
1305 Remington Rd Suite X, Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 208-8380 

JTPA License # 3000443783

JT Construction & Restoration unlimited License # 104.018351       105.008738

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